As the only tomato producer in the UK with a sizeable outdoor farming operation, EVG are in a unique position to utilise sustainable initiatives to reduce the rising costs of food production and future proofing our business against energy price rises.

Not only do we harvest rainwater to grow our tomatoes in environmentally friendly hydroponic systems, we utilise all our waste to produce energy. The waste from both our growing and packing operations powers an anaerobic digester (AD) that in turn produces digestate and biogas. Carbon dioxide and heat are also generated, both of which are utilised in the greenhouse growing operation. The biogas is sold into the national grid, and digestate is spread on our crops rather than having to use expensive chemical fertilisers. Any vegetable and salad waste with little calorific value for the ADs is fed to our 350 head of Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, which then produce manure that is a good feedstuff for the digester.

In addition to producing energy from waste, we use solar panels on the roof of our packhouse operation to power our packing machines and offices, and have a solar farm generating electricity for the national grid.